We humans often unconsciously spend a lot of energy to maintain and repeatedly confirm our – perhaps entrenched – inner convictions. To use this “lost” power where it can unfold and grow is the essence of my counselling process and therapeutic coaching.

I am your trusting partner at eye level. Everything you bring with you is the starting point for what you want to become, can be, wants to be. To me, goal-oriented coaching and therapeutic work means working with your resources and in your “language” in a way that is tailored to your needs. My consulting approach is integrative: I use the method that is appropriate for your situation. You determine your subject area. I support and challenge you in this way so that your dreams take shape at the speed and in the form you need: now, today, tomorrow, together.

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My consulting approach is comprehensively presented on a separate portal, Metatheorie der Veränderung (MdV), with its entry theory. Who would like to can inform here comprehensively} go to more